Bee OnePOS

What is Bee OnePOS?

Optimized Bee OnePOS makes sales easy, fast and satisfied customers

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Basic features have been optimized by Bee OnePOS to make sales easy, fast and satisfied with customers.

• Friendly interface – easy to use with barcode management system, accurate QR Code makes sales, sales order management, return orders done simply and quickly.
• Inventory is managed by store, by region or by region, supporting optimal goods movement.
• Various payment from cash, bank, accumulated points, e-wallets to Voucher/Copon, with automatic payment support features
• Customer and member information is stored and managed by customer class, phone number, membership card …  Bee OnePOS automatically upgrades customer grades, accumulated points, and payment points.
• Revenue recorded by salesperson, store, region….
• Bee OnePOS is suitable for many industries from cosmetics retail, fashion to home appliances, furniture….

Advanced feature of Bee OnePOS with SAP system Business One Hana (SAP B1 Hana) maximum support for all levels of management from store manager, area manager to company manager in business decision making process

• Manage cash flow, cash book, bank money for each store at the company’s office.
• Manage the process of issuing, allocating to offices, stores and managing the use of Vouchers/Coupons.
• Manage orders, sales and revenue based on the superior platform of SAP B1 Hana system.
• Set up Promotion Programs (CTKM) automatically from the office in sync with the system of stores. CTKM is designed with a variety of discounts by product, by product group, by order, by each store, by region…
• Based on the power of SAP B1 Hana platform, the system provides intelligent reports, multi-dimensional reports to help businesses: effectively manage goals and support quick decision-making.

Bee OnePOS with SAP B1 Hana system supports the integration other systems quickly, efficiently and safely

• Besides the traditional sales channel at stores, Bee OnePOS has a lot of experience in integrating with multi-channel sales platforms (WebSite, App … developed based on modern technology Magento, SaleForce …) . All sales ecosystem is synchronized automatically with SAP B1 system.
• SAP B1 Hana system helps businesses to extract and analyze revenue and efficiency of sales channels (Stores, WebSite, App …).
• SAP B1 Hana technology supports big data processing (Big Data) to ensure that the integrated ecosystem operates stably throughout.e …). All sales ecosystem is synchronized automatically with SAP B1 system.

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