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What is the simplest ERP definition? Think about all the core processes needed to run a company: finance, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain, service, procurement, and others. At the most basic level, ERP integrates these processes into a single system. Unlike other business management apps, world-class ERP solutions are anything but basic. The right ERP solution provides visibility, analytics, and efficiency across every aspect of your business. Using the latest technology, ERP solutions facilitate the real-time flow of information between departments, so businesses can make data-driven decisions and manage performance.

ERP provides an integrated and continuously updated view of core business processes using a common database maintained by the database management system. ERP systems keep track of business resources — cash, raw materials, production capacity — and the status of business commitments: sales orders, purchase orders, and payroll. The applications that make up the system share data between the different departments (production, purchasing, sales, accounting, etc.) ERP facilitates the flow of information between all business functions and manages connections with external stakeholders.

SAP Business One is an integrated enterprise resource planning software that meets the software requirements of small and medium businesses by SAP AG located in Walldorf, Germany.

SAP is software that provides a wide range of enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications including customer relationship management (CRM-Customer Relationship Management), financial management, human resource management, management product flow management, and supply chain management. In addition, SAP also provides integrated and customized software with SAP partners.

SAP Business One supports VAS reports, in accordance with Vietnamese accounting standards and laws.

SAP Business One has fast processing speed in real time, friendly interface, suitable for everyone even if you are not specialized in information technology. Very quick to learn and use.

SAP Business One makes it easy to develop and change systems as needed, enabling businesses to improve performance.

SAP Business One helps users make faster and more accurate decisions. Synchronize data for end-to-end operations, so there are fewer errors and avoids having to enter data many times SAP Business One is flexible. Connecting branches, establishments of enterprises as well as business partners together into one system.


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