SAP Business One Production Management Module – A key requirement of most manufacturing organizations is the ability to plan production – looking at demand and supply of finished goods and raw materials and considering capacity constraints – labor, machine and resource availability. Planning production runs requires an assessment of labor, machine time and other resource bottle necks for optimized production scheduling.



As a mid-market Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and business management system, SAP Business One includes easy-to-use yet powerful manufacturing capabilities. This is ideal for companies which do not have the internal capacity for advanced manufacturing systems or engage primarily in light manufacturing.

As standard with the SAP Business One, manufacturing companies get:

- Lot and Serial Control

- Back flushing Capabilities in Production

- Standard, Template, Special and Disassembly Production Orders

- Project Cost Tracking

- Labor Management

- Multi-Level Bill of Materials

- Extensive Item Master Management

- Forecasting

- MRP (Material Requirements Planning)

- Multi-Warehouse Capability

- FIFO Inventory Issue (or standard, average cost)

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